iPhone 13 May Use Thicker Bezels to Remove the Notch

It looks like Apple may not launch its upcoming iPhone 13 smartphone till September 2021. Whatsoever, we got a lot of rumors and unofficial statements regarding this upcoming handset. Some informants are claiming that the new iPhone will introduce bigger bezels so that there will be no notch on the smartphone.

Other reports suggest that Apple will completely get rid of the screen notch on its all upcoming iPhone series. If that happens, the upcoming iPhones will definitely look like the classic iPhones.

@MauriQHD said on Twitter that one of the most appealing and viral rumors about the iPhone 13 is that it may not have a notch on its display, making its screen completely rectangular. The company will use thicker margins on this phone to get rid of the screen notch.

Some users could like the new change, and some may not like it at all since the notch provides a little extra screen real estate. Furthermore, many people don’t like the thick bezels on their smartphones, as it makes the phone a little bulky and old fashioned.

It is just an estimate, and currently, there is no official report to back it up. However, some tech companies claim that Apple is currently working on a notch-free smartphone, and it may soon rollout. It seems like the notch-free phone from Apple will be ready to uncover in September 2021 officially.

Apple is providing notch on its phones since the time they released iPhone X in 2017. There is currently only one handset from Apple that doesn’t have a notch in its display, iPhone SE. It comes with a classic iPhone design, large bezels, a physical home key, and no notch on the top of the display.

Some people claim that the new iPhone will use a notch, but it will be significantly smaller than the current iPhone models. If Apple chooses to remove the notch from its coming phones, then some items will be improved significantly, such as more space for cameras, sensors, and other items, like the LiDAR scanner.

The company is worldwide famous for providing top-notch quality handsets. The components they utilize while creating handsets are always high-end in terms of specifications and quality. However, Android mobile phones are sometimes considered better than iPhones in terms of features, customization, and user experience.

We hope you have liked this article and found it informative, just like us. Hopefully, Apple will soon update us regarding its upcoming notch-less iPhone. Until then, stay tuned to our tech news.

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