How to Enable/Disable Alexa Skills

Alexa controls most of the things on Amazon Echo, and its abilities are called Skills. Skills of allowing the device to do so many things like check weather, what’s new, what’s happening in the world, control Wi-Fi, turn on the lights, and so much more. However, Alexa can’t do everything by default, and you must enable its Skills to do more. However, if you don’t wish to use any Skill, you can disable them from your Amazon account. So, here’s a full guide to enable and disable Alexa Skills.

How to Enable Alexa Skills in the App

  • Launch the Alexa app on the smartphone.
  • Click More at the lower right side of the display.
  • Click on the Skills and Games under the sidebar.
  • Click on the search icon and search for a Skill.
  • Scroll down over different Skills under Discover and Categories section.
  • Once you find the Skill you were looking for, click Launch or Enable to use.

Remember that some of the Skills will ask you to log in to their account for further proceedings.

Now, choose the Echo device you wish to access the Skill or exit and ask Alexa to launch the Skill later on another app or speaker.

The great thing here for users will be that they can find Skills easily. While scrolling down under the Skill and Games, you’ll have plenty of different types of skills you’re not aware of. You can choose the Skill you wish to have or to explore; even more, choose a Skill you don’t about. 

Fortunately, what you’re looking for, Alexa will bring that Skill up to let you try it even more. While connecting with Smart devices, you’ll require different things, according to the Skill.

How to Enable Alexa Skills on Web

  • Search for Alexa Skills on the Web and visit the website.
  • Look for the preferred Skill.
  • Tap on the Skill to open its full tab.
  • Press Enable to Use.

Undoubtedly, you can find Skills on the Web more easily than the app on a smartphone. You can rely on your tab, computer, or even a laptop to find Skill quickly. Once you enable the Skill, it will get activated on your Echo device.

In case you don’t want to work any longer with a certain Alexa Skill, you can disable it anytime you want. You can disable the Alexa Skill from both the Web and app. But before disabling Alexa Skill, make sure it is not useful to you.

How to Disable Alexa Skill on App

If you wish to disable a certain Alexa Skill you like, you can disable it to appear or interfere while using other Alexa Skills on Amazon Echo.

  • Launch the Alexa app on the smartphone.
  • Click More at the lower right side of the display.
  • Click on Skill and Games.
  • Click Your Skills.
  • Slide down and click on the Skill you want to disable.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Press Disable Skill.
  • Press Disable.

How to Disable Alexa Skill on Web

  • Search for Alexa Skills on the Web and visit the website.
  • Press Your Skill.
  • Look for the Skill you wish to disable.
  • Press Disable Skill.

So that’s how you can disable the Skill which you don’t want to use anymore. Once you disable Alexa Skill from your Echo device, make sure to restart it. Disabling a Skill won’t harm your Echo device in any way, but you won’t be able to use that particular Skill until you enable it back.


Alexa is like the heart of Echo devices because everything that Echo does, Alexa prepares it. Almost every smart speaker works on virtual assistants such as Echo has Alexa, HomePod has Siri, and Google Home has Google Assistant. All these virtual assistants can perform minor to bigger tasks with simple commands.

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